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How to Avoid Moving Frauds 

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Moving scams are the nightmare of all individuals. You trust all of your items to movers, only to give them the opportunity to ask you a higher price than you both agreed on.  

Moving Frauds

However, do not worry. Moving frauds could be prevented. 

A study claims that around 5% of long-distance moves are less honorable. So, how do you look for a good moving firm between all of the firms fighting for your business? 

Here are several ways that you help you prevent getting scammed: 


Pick a moving or storage company in Chesterfield that has lots of experience. A firm with a confirmed successful track record of moves has a status to hold and will probably treat you justly. Moving frauds are a definite way to destroy the reputation of a company. A reputable firm would not get involved in frauds because they do not want to lose their reputation. 


Ensure that the workers of the moving company are bonded and the firm itself is insured. You’re letting them inside your house. Ensuring that they’re bonded provides you 1 less thing to worry. Additionally, most moving firms could make a mistake sometimes. A moving firm that brings insurance against events like that cares about you and your belongings.  


Ask for references and examine them. A good moving firm must have no issue with providing you the contact information and names of several satisfied clients. You need to avoid hiring a company if it hesitates at this recommendation. It is probably they have been involved in several frauds and scams.  

BBB rating 

Examine the BBB rating of the company. Also, it is a great idea to examine the record of a prospective mover with BBB. Though any firm could have several bad report or incident, an arrangement of poor client service is really a sign. Moving frauds would be reported, like almost all dishonest businesses, there should be a kind of record form you could track. 


You must plan everything way ahead. If you have the option, 6 months before the actual move isn’t too early to begin communicating with moving firms. If you wait until nearer to the day of moving to contact them, a lot of the most reliable and the best long distance moving firms may be fully booked. 


Try to ask for a recommendation from your real estate agent. You might move far away only once or twice in your life. But, the real estate agent experiences tons of long distance moves. They also hear stories from clients that are satisfied, together with the ones who hoped they had selected a different moving firm. News would travel by word of mouth if a mover is recognized for their involvement in frauds. 

Complete Contract 

Reputable moving firms will provide you a written contract. This will give you an assurance of what to expect from the company. Do not move without a written contract that tells all the details.  

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